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Play the bassoon in a professional orchestra or group.

What does a Bassoonist do?

Just as a viola resembles a female alto voice, the bassoon recalls the soothing sounds of a male baritone. A Bassoonist is a professional Musician who plays the bassoon-a woodwind instrument with two reeds-in all forms of performance music, from a quartet to an orchestra. While they rarely perform solo, Bassoonists’ bass and tenor sounds act as the backbone to the body of the music composition.

Unlike other wind instruments, the bassoon is large and cannot be held with two hands alone. As you practice and perform as a Bassoonist, you remain stationary, using straps and other supports to hold the bassoon. However, much like the oboe and other wind instruments, you blow into the bassoon while pressing your tongue to the reed.

Being a Musician demands a lot of your time and your body. You spend your days practicing for hours, alone and with your group. You know how to sight-read music and accept criticism from your group to improve your performance.

Just as important, your body requires care. Your lungs are only as strong as your body is healthy.

If you decide to be part of a symphony or modern ensemble, you’re one of two Bassoonists in the group. But just because you’re not as numerous as other instruments doesn’t mean your instrument has no influence. The wide range of tones the bassoon creates allows for an equally large variety of effects, from lyrical and mournful to lively and comical.

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