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Basketball Scout

Travel the country to find the next promising NBA All-Star.

What does a Basketball Scout do?

From the middle school after-school program to the NBA (National Basketball Association), Basketball Players play the game because they love it. Each Player has her own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s the job of the Basketball Scout to evaluate those skills.

Although Basketball Scouts work at nearly every level of play, most of the paying jobs are at the college and professional basketball levels. You have two main goals as a Basketball Scout. The first is to evaluate the competition. If you’re going to play against a team with an insanely quick forward or a superstar three-point shooter, you need to plan how to defend against those skills.

The second, and more common, goal is to recruit Players for the next level of play. As an NBA Basketball Scout, you travel nationally and internationally in search of the best Players in the game. At the college level, you evaluate high school players.

The job requires a lot of travel, odd hours, and a complete devotion to the game of basketball. Not only do you need to know and understand the rules and playbook, but you also have to know how to identify raw talent.

Each situation is a little different depending on what skills you need to round out the team. Commonly, though, you hunt down the Players who excel at speed, shooting, or rebounds. With luck, you get them to agree to play for, instead of against, your team in the upcoming season.