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Basketball Coach



Keep your players in shape and their on-court skills sharp.

What does a Basketball Coach do?

Technically, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant do the same layups and three-point shots as the kids you see on your local middle school JV team. Though there are more than a few things separating these two groups — like money, height, and talent — one of the biggest is the level of coaching. Professional Basketball Coaches work with Professional Athletes in the NBA, giving them instruction and motivation to turn average Players into stars.

As with any type of Coach, the purpose of a Basketball Coach’s teachings is twofold. On one hand, you want your Players to grow as individuals by improving their skill. But at the same time, you work to enhance the team’s ability to play as a whole. The way any Basketball Coach achieves both of these goals is with practice, practice, and some more practice.

You arrange and run practice sessions, selecting drills that improve the weaknesses of your team and Players. These practice sessions run the gamut of skills: One session might have your Players in the weight room focusing on conditioning, while the next might be a chalk talk where you teach strategies for an upcoming game.

When not on the court with Players, a Basketball Coach spends time preparing for the next game. You watch footage of the Players and the team you’ll be facing, prepare plays, plan out your roster, and handle any administrative issues that need to be dealt with. If your team needs new players, you might watch footage of possible recruits, or work with a Professional Sports Scout to find the next big hoops star.

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