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Baseball Scout



Root out the nation's best baseball players for your college or league.

What does a Baseball Scout do?

“Take me out to the ballgame…” Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes. That means there’s a lot of money on the line—and a lot of pressure—to create strong teams, put on a good show, and rack up some wins. No one knows this better than Baseball Scouts, who are tasked with creating the strongest team possible.

To be a Baseball Scout, you must have a passion for the game. Hopefully, you also have a passion for travel, because Baseball Scouts spend a significant amount of time sleeping in hotels and eating out. You travel from state to state, all across the nation, in search of the best Pitchers, Hitters, and Catchers playing the game.

While you attend hundreds of games, you don’t spend your time munching hot dogs and scarfing down popcorn. Instead, you meticulously record nearly every movement that every Player makes. You rattle off the batting averages and pitching speed of dozens of Players like some people report their phone numbers. When you find the best of the best, you build a rapport and offer them the opportunity to try out for the big time.

Baseball Scouts might work for colleges—recruiting Players into the schools’ baseball programs—or earn a position in the minor leagues. The most prestigious position, though, is in the major leagues. Just think, you could sign the next Albert Pujols or Babe Ruth!

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