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Baseball Coach



Help players hone their baseball skills by leading drills or giving advice.

What does a Baseball Coach do?

It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes an army to coach a game of baseball. Players must be taught to throw, run, catch, and spit, and the team roster must be mixed up to keep the other team guessing. A group of dedicated Baseball Coaches split up these responsibilities to provide guidance to the Baseball Players.

When you a Baseball Coach is hired, he or she given a specific task to teach. Baseball Coaches can work with the team’s Pitcher, helping them learn how to throw fast and accurately. Or, they can work with the team’s Outfielder, showing them how to spot a white ball against a sunlit sky.

During daily practice sessions, you take your core team of Baseball Players through a series of drills and exercises to help them grow strong and perform their tasks with ease. At some point during the practice, the entire team comes together to play one another and focus on fundamentals. You watch your Players carefully during these scrimmages, and you holler out instructions.

On game day, you provide one-on-one coaching to your Players. Sometimes, you run out on the field to talk to them. Other times, you communicate using hand signals and facial gestures.

Head Coache make decisions about which players will be on the field at any given moment, but Baseball Coaches provide significant instruction to help the Head Coach make the right decision. You might suggest a specific benched Player, for example, or ask for a weary player to come sit for a break.

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