BASE Jumping Instructor

Teach students to safely parachute from cliffs, bridges, and buildings.

What does a BASE Jumping Instructor do?

Look out below! BASE Jumpers toss themselves skillfully from buildings, antennas, spans (bridges), and earth (cliffs) with only a parachute to stop their fall, and BASE Jumping Instructors are the daredevils who teach such an enthralling sport.

BASE jumping is not a safe pursuit, that much is true, but it’s one of the most adrenaline-pumping, stomach-lightening, heart-pounding things you can do. Unlike a Skydiver, you only have mere seconds before you have to pull the cord to unravel your rectangular parachute, and you have to worry about the terrain as you descend. Knowing the best, and legal, places to jump makes you a BASE Jumping Instructor worth contacting.

You’re sought out as a BASE Jumping Instructor because you’re top-notch when it comes to safety. The gear you buy and recommend doesn’t lack for quality. Physical fitness is a part of your life – you keep fit and encourage your students to keep fit as well to increase balance and control of their bodies. Your lightning-fast reflexes and intuition also keep you and those you teach alive jump after jump.

Not only are you a Coach, but you’re also a mentor and an Advisor to people who come to you to learn the sport. Sometimes, you have to do more than merely teach them the physical moves; you must also mentally prepare them to take their first fledgling jump.

While each day you climb up to the jump-off point might be one filled with danger, it’s also one charged with excitement. What keeps you going is the realization that instead of putting on a tie and trudging to the office, you’re packing your parachute and goggles, strapping on a BASE jumping suit, and taking to the open air!