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Barrel Drum Cutter

Operate machines that wind plastic materials onto reels and cuts them.

What does a Barrel Drum Cutter do?

Operates machine to wind plastic material onto reel and cut wound material into lengths for use in making articles, such as curtains, draperies, and table covers: Positions roll of plastic material on machine brackets, threads end of material through tension rollers, and clamps or tapes material to rod on reel. Turns handwheel or loosens bolts and moves rods to increase or decrease diameter of reel according to length specified for material. Depresses pedal to start, stop, and control speed of machine. Observes material as it winds on reel to detect uneven winding and straightens uneven edges by hand. Stops machine at specified intervals during winding cycle and cuts material on reel by drawing knife through slot in reel rod. Removes lengths of material from reel. May operate machine equipped with knives to slit material in specified widths as it winds.