Barrel Charrer

Burn interiors of headless barrels to prepare them to age whiskeys.

What does a Barrel Charrer do?

Burns interior of headless barrel to prepare it for aging whiskey: Fits charring rings in each end of barrel to protect surface in which croze is to be cut. Fires gas burner or fire pot containing wood scraps and shavings, and places barrel over flame. Covers top end of barrel with metal plate and allows burning to continue for specified period, according to depth of char desired. Removes plate and quenches burning interior with wet mop or spray from hose. May use device equipped with lever to lower metal hood or exhaust chimney onto top end of barrel to create draft during charring and timer that automatically raises hood or chimney when specified charring time has elapsed. May burn one side of whiskey barrelhead in oven or over fire pot and be designated Head Charrer.