Barrel Assembler

Control equipment that assemble wooden barrels .

What does a Barrel Assembler do?

Controls equipment to assemble wooden barrels, performing any combination of following duties: Positions ends of designated staves in truss hoop to form barrel shell and places shell on conveyor that conveys shell through steam box to make staves pliable. Places shell in hoop driver that forces truss hoop onto end of shell opposite bilge to secure staves in shell. Positions steamed shell over gas burner to form permanent shape of staves. Aligns staves and forces truss rings onto barrel shell, using barrel-assembly machine or vibrator platform, cooper’s hammer, and hoop driver. Pulls levers to hold shell in croze cutter and to rotate shell against cutterheads that cut croze and trim ends of barrel shell staves. Removes end truss hoops to facilitate installation of barrelheads, using truss-pulling machine. Positions barrelhead in croze of shell and moves lever to lower cinch ring of machine that forces head into croze; or positions shell and heads in heading machine, hammers heads into place, moves lever to squeeze staves around heads, and place steel hoop into position to secure heads. Starts sander and moves levers to push rotating barrel against sanding belt to smooth exteriors of barrel, or sands exterior of barrel, using hand held belt or disk sander. Installs permanent hoops, using hoop driver. Drills hole in barrel for filling and emptying purposes, using drill press [BUNGHOLE BORER 666.382-010]. Inspects barrels for defects, such as loose staves, cracks, and defective assembly. May be designated according to machine operated as Croze Cutter; Head-Up Operator; Heater Operator; Hoop-Driving-Machine Operator; Leveler II; Sander. May be designated: Tap-Out Operator; Truss Driver; Truss Puller.