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Barker Operator

Operate barking machines to remove barks, knots, and foreign matters.

What does a Barker Operator do?

Operates barking machine to remove bark, knots, and foreign matter from veneer blocks preparatory to peeling process: Presses buttons to control conveyor system that transfers block from storage deck into position over hydraulic hoist and to raise hoist until block is centered between chucks. Pushes and turns lever to press chucks into ends of block and to start and control rotation speed of block. Pushes lever to lower and control pressure of scraping tool against rotating block and to activate and control horizontal movement until bark is removed. Raises tool, stops block rotation, raises hoist, retracts chucks, and lowers barked block onto conveyor that transfers block to lathe deck. May remove bark, chips, and other material from conveyor and barking machine. May control conveyor that lifts logs from pond onto barker deck.