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Serve customers, make hot and cold beverages, and clean store areas.

What does a Barista do?

The world runs on coffee, and baristas make it happen! At coffee shops, bookstores, and similar venues, baristas work in a fast-paced environment to quench the thirst of customers with a smile by making coffee, espresso, and other specialty drinks. Beyond making drinks, baristas take orders, run the cash register, manage inventory, operate store equipment, and prepare food. Baristas also maintain a clean and healthy work environment by cleaning store areas and adhering to food safety regulations.

As a barista, you need to be a multi-tasker in order to handle multiple orders and serve many customers at once. Communication skills, customer service skills, and good phone etiquette are key to serving customers and fulfilling orders in a friendly, professional manner. Basic math skills and cash handling experience are important in order to be successful at cashiering. To be a top notch barista, you should also be efficient in sales to make recommendations about products that meet customer needs.

There are no education requirements for baristas, but some positions may require a high school diploma or GED.

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