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Bariatric Nurse



Work with patients and Doctors to help treat obesity.

What does a Bariatric Nurse do?

Fighting obesity problems without medical guidance is like building a house without a blueprint. It only leads to disaster. For some, extra weight gain is more than just a nuisance-it’s a health hazard. Bariatric Nurses work closely with patients and their Doctors to help those patients lose weight and keep it off. In some cases, medical intervention like surgery may be necessary. Whatever the treatment plan entails, a Bariatric Nurse is the lighthouse guiding patients to healthier shores.

Genetics, illnesses, and lifestyle choices may all factor into the patient’s weight gain, and, as a Bariatric Nurse, you work closely with their Doctor to identify these causes. Lifestyles choices can be altered with some dedication, but a person whose genetics causes them to gain too much weight may need medicine to overcome the problem. You explain the causes of the weight gain to the patient, and work to find solutions that best fit with their lifestyle.

During the day, you meet with patients and perform basic checkup procedures, such as checking blood pressure, height, and weight. After the Doctor speaks with the patient, you explain their treatment plan and answer their questions. Each time they visit, you check to see how they’re doing and encourage them not to give up. The more time you spend in this job, the more people you’ll watch triumphantly face down their health demons to reach their fitness goals.

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