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Bar Manager



Keep a bar running smoothly.

What does a Bar Manager do?

People who go out to bars take the cool atmosphere and great time they have for granted. But it’s a lot of work to make sure people have a fun night. Bar Managers make sure that everything runs smoothly on the operational side of things, so that customers can come drink, laugh, and joke at their ease. So, yes, they’re hanging out in a bar every night, but being a Bar Manager is not an easy job.

One serious part of your job as a Bar Manager is managing money: you’ll be paying the Bartenders the tips they’ve earned from credit card payments, counting the register at the end of the night, and the like. You’ll also keep an inventory of everything at the bar, and when the vodka or limes or those little toothpick umbrellas that everyone loves are running low, you’ll have to order more.

You can let your creative side out as you work with the Bar Owner to market the business and create draws like happy hours, themed nights, birthday deals, and live music. Whether it’s a neighborhood pub where the game is always on and everybody knows your name, or it has a dress code and a velvet rope and is so cool that there’s no sign out front-you get to help give the bar its signature vibe.

Another big part of being a Bar Manager is just getting to know your customers and making them feel comfortable. Your job is to ensure that lots of people have lots of fun-how cool is that? Besides, you’ll never have to get up early for work again.

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