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Bar Examiner



Supervise the bar exam, from creating content to administering to grading.

What does a Bar Examiner do?

Bar Examiners write and administer portions of the bar examination, which is an exam that law school graduates must pass to become practicing Lawyers. While most people take tests – spelling tests, math tests, and standardized tests like the SAT or ACT, or hearing tests, Driver ‘s tests, and blood tests – you’re one of the lucky few who get to sit on the other side, creating and giving them.

The bar exam varies by state and typically takes several days to complete. Generally, though, it consists of several essay questions about state law and basic legal principles, as well as a 200-question standardized test that covers common law across the United States. If you’re a Bar Examiner on a state or national board, your duties might include writing exam questions, choosing exam locations and criteria, creating exam procedures, developing and enforcing exam rules, serving as a Test Proctor, grading completed exams, and re-grading exams when test takers appeal their score.

Simply put: You collaborate on the content and requirements of the bar exam. That makes you so much more than a test proctor: you’re a gatekeeper for the entire legal profession!

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