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Bankruptcy Specialist



Handle complicated cases of bankruptcy.

What does a Bankruptcy Specialist do?

A bankruptcy specialist is a lawyer who is recognized by the State Bar as a professional focusing on bankruptcy. Although there are bankruptcy lawyers, becoming a certified bankruptcy specialist requires additional hard work and dedication in the form of an additional bar exam.

So why do clients come to a bankruptcy specialist? It’s similar to going to a family physician for knee pain and then being referred to an orthopedic surgeon for additional treatment. The doctor can diagnose and treat the case, but not with the same expertise as the specialist. While it’s true that the majority of bankruptcy cases are straightforward enough for most lawyers to handle, there are cases that involve extreme debt, difficult creditors, or judgments. For these cases, you as the bankruptcy specialist are the expert to guide the client through the process.

Depending on the details of the case, that process can be lengthy. First, you gather information and financial documents from your client. You evaluate which debts will be absolved in the bankruptcy process and which are exempt (personal loans and federal student loans, for example).

After completing and filing the proper paperwork to get the process started, you contact court representatives and creditors to gather additional information and request leniency for your client. You use your specialized knowledge of the bankruptcy laws to protect client assets. To do all of this, you need to wear your ethics hat at all times, use your eye for detail, and address each case with the client’s best interests in mind.

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