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Bankruptcy Paralegal



Handle administrative and research tasks for bankruptcy cases.

What does a Bankruptcy Paralegal do?

Bankruptcy is a complicated business. It requires a lot of record-keeping and scheduling. Bankruptcy Paralegals smooth the process by assisting both the client and the Lawyer managing the case.

Although they are not certified to practice law, Bankruptcy Paralegals are a huge asset in easing client concerns. As a Bankruptcy Paralegal, you are often the first contact for the client, so your calming demeanor goes a long way in setting the tone. Through the interview process, you ask questions, complete a list of debts and assets, and gather a financial history. You answer questions, review paperwork, respond to emails, return phone calls, and set up meetings between your client and their Lawyer.

In addition to personally interacting with the client, you process loads of paperwork. Under the supervision of a bar-certified Lawyer, you prepare and file court petitions, reports, and other pertinent documents. You review debts and assets, locate and provide contact information for creditors, conduct research, and assist the Lawyer in creating filings. You spend a lot of time on the computer, typing correspondence to creditors, other Lawyers, and clients. In addition, you use specialized software to create forms in preparation for court proceedings.

Basically, you do everything that a Bankruptcy Lawyer does, short of actually representing the client in court. You are the Lawyer’s right hand. You keep him or her on schedule by keeping track of deadlines and providing a daily timetable that lists court dates.

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