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Bankruptcy Lawyer



Guide clients through the process of filing for bankruptcy.

What does a Bankruptcy Lawyer do?

Bankruptcy can be a messy business. Creditors, piles of paperwork, and a spiderweb of laws further complicate the matter. Fortunately for the client, you are a bar-certified Bankruptcy Lawyer.

As a Bankruptcy Lawyer, you advise your client about the process of bankruptcy. For example, should they file a chapter 7, 11, or 13? Should they continue to make house payments during proceedings? You walk your client through every document, decision, and agreement.

In order to do that, Bankruptcy Lawyers have to have acute knowledge of state and federal laws. In addition, you keep up to date with rulings that may affect your clients, as well as changes in the law. With help from Paralegals, you sort through financial documents to analyze debts and assets.

You work with creditors, Lawyers, and other representatives to facilitate the best outcome for your client. That’s no easy task when a creditor claims that the debt owed doesn’t qualify for bankruptcy, or when Lawyers representing the creditor dispute charges your client made on credit cards. Every charge, bill, and late notice is scrutinized by both sides of the legal battle. You also represent your client in front of the Judge, and prepare and submit petitions to the court.

There is a lot of communication in your day. Emails, memos, formal letters, phone calls, conference calls, and meetings all require your attention for each case you represent. Since you generally deal with several very different cases at the same time, multi-tasking is your middle name.

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