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Help clients with all their banking needs.

What does a Banker do?

A Banker provides a wide variety of services to customers. The duties of a Banker span everything from helping customers open a bank account to creating a trust. If you’re a Banker, you will be working with money and numbers, so math should come easily to you. Since you work with the public, having an easy manner with customers is also a must.

One especially nice aspect of this position is the schedule. It will be fairly straightforward, with normal business hours, and all major holidays off. You will also have good opportunities to move up within the company if your work is strong, and many banks offer their own training in the necessary aspects needed to move up.

Your daily tasks will depend on your focus: personal banking or commercial banking. With personal banking you will be working on customer’s personal accounts, like savings and checking accounts, loans, and investments. With commercial banking, you will do all of that on a larger scale as well as recruiting new accounts for companies and perhaps even selling their products.