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Bank Examiner

Inspect banks to see if they're following lawful procedures.

What does a Bank Examiner do?

Banks handle lots of money. And like any business that handles lots of money, they’re pretty closely regulated by the federal government. That’s why there’s a need for Bank Examiners.

Bank Examiners work for the Federal Reserve Bank, traveling around the country to check up on banks. If you’re a Bank Examiner, you make sure banks of all sizes follow all federal rules and regulations regarding money.

Anything a bank does is open for you to audit or examine. You check to make sure banks have enough money in their vaults, are diligent about their record keeping, and are giving clients the correct information. You also look at how they hire and promote their staff, and what their lending policies are.

This exam can take about a week, and once you’re done, you create a report that you present to the bank’s board of directors and Supervisors. This report details any violations of the law, and gives suggestions for changes.

You’re like a traveling library. Although you have a home office where you prepare reports and do research, a large part of your job is spent on the road. You go from bank to bank within your zone, and perform inspections on each bank’s records.

The library part refers to all the research you need to do on banking rules and regulations. Not only are there lots of rules, but they also change often. So to be able to audit correctly, you must stay up on the latest changes in regulations.