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Bank Chief Operations Officer

Ensure the operations of a bank run flawlessly.

What does a Bank Chief Operations Officer do?

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a bank, you know what a busy place it is. There are Tellers cashing checks and making deposits, Loan Officers processing boat and home loans, and Investment Bankers researching the perfect mix of investments. Then there are the Supervisors, Managers, and the person who monitors it all, the Chief Operations (or Operating) Officer.

Talk about a job that requires many hats! The position of Bank Chief Operations Officer is high-level, high-intensity and requires a working knowledge of all the bank’s functions. As a Bank Chief Operations Officer, you supervise the staff, often playing the part of Human Resource Officer to resolve personnel issues. The Vault Teller comes to you when a lock or hinge malfunctions and you facilitate the repair. When the interest rates plummet, the Bank Chief Operations Officer works with the marketing department to target ways to increase loan applications.

As impressive as that all is, it is only a portion of your job. While juggling those tasks and a dozen more, your main focus is on the way the bank operates. That involves the process of shipping money, policies surrounding money loans, and procedures for handling cash. Of course, you do all this while maximizing profits and satisfying the needs of stockholders, customers, and employees. And don’t forget the plethora of state and federal compliance issues. At the end of the day, you are focused on ways to improve service to the customers while keeping a smile on the face of your boss, the CEO.