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Bank CEO



Provide leadership to a bank.

What does a Bank CEO do?

A Bank CEO ( Chief Executive Officer ) is the spine of the bank. Bank CEOs make decisions about the bank’s products, customers, employees, stockholders, and goals.

As a Bank CEO, you stay on top of the industry by constantly updating your knowledge of banking laws and regulations. You do this through meetings, emails, and seminars. In addition, you monitor the activities of competition both in your neighborhood and throughout the country. What loan rates is the bank down the street offering? Does your competitor provide a no-fee checking account? The answers to these questions help you establish which products and services to offer in your bank.

With this constant re-evaluation of customer needs, investment options, and new technology-based products, you set financial goals for the bank. Of course, this is a careful balancing act, with the needs of the customers on one end and the desires of the stockholders on the other.

Communication is a major portion of your job. You gain feedback from customers and employees, network with community members, and interact with Board Members. You also send and receive emails, lead branch meetings, coordinate conference calls, and generate memos for distribution.

And while you make the big decisions, you rely heavily on the staff that you recruit, hire, and work hard to retain. After all, the Tellers and Loan Officers are the employees on the front lines and, therefore, can provide you a wealth of feedback.

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