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Bank Branch Manager



Direct the operations and personnel of a bank branch.

What does a Bank Branch Manager do?

A bank is a busy place. Customers hurry through on their lunch hour, dropping deposits into their savings or checking accounts, cashing checks, and making withdrawals. Customer Service Representatives and Loan Officers explain myriad loan options to potential home buyers. And Security Guard on armored trucks transfer money into and out of the building.

With such a wide variety of services, each requiring qualified staff to fulfill, someone has to oversee things to make sure the whole process runs smoothly. That someone is the Bank Branch Manager. As a Bank Branch Manager, you’re in charge of all the activities happening in that particular bank branch.

Think of your local Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or U.S. Bank, and you’ll get a picture of your work environment. But there’s more to the job of a Bank Branch Manager than meets the eye.

Sure, you manage the entire staff of the branch. That means performing interviews, hiring, training, answering questions, approving vacation time, making sure enough employees are on staff, evaluating employee performance, offering promotions, and firing or laying off staff as needed.

But in addition to supervising staff, you have Bank CEOs, investors, and customers to report to. So you keep track of every dollar that your branch handles, both physically in the safe and virtually through customer investments and loan products. You tally numbers, create and submit reports, and strive to achieve company-initiated sales goals.

Your customers are your first priority so you are also active in the community, attending public events and promoting a positive image for the bank.

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