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Band Teacher

Train students to play together as a band.

What does a Band Teacher do?

Band Teachers instruct students on how to play their individual instruments as part of a band. Along with their teaching duties, Band Teachers are also in charge of the music programs for their classes. If you’re a Band Teacher, you create the song lists for your students, and determine the level of difficulty based on their age and ability. You could work in an elementary school, middle school, high school, and even a university, leading practices, keeping tempo, and conducting performances.

At the elementary level, your main goals are to introduce students to the variety of choices they have in instruments, help them choose one, and then teach them the building blocks of music: reading simple musical notations, playing by ear, tuning their instrument, learning scales, and playing easy to intermediate-level songs together. Band recitals are an important part of this process and give your students something to work towards.

At the middle school level, students will want to expand their abilities by learning how to play new instruments, as well as progressing further with their original picks. Recitals are commonplace, as are talent competitions, school assemblies, and plays, but another option at this stage is the school’s marching band.

Once in high school and at the university level, students will want to learn music theory. They will be constantly striving to master their instruments, and it will be your job to further their ability to play as a cohesive unit.