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Ballroom Dancer

Perform structured ballroom dances with poise and grace.

What does a Ballroom Dancer do?

A ballroom dance is incredibly regimented. Hands must be held a certain way. One partner must always have feet on the ground. And steps must be performed at a certain speed.

Precision trumps creativity. So, for a Ballroom Dancer, performing dances in this strict manner is unlike a Soldier doing his drills.

But never fear because, as a Ballroom Dancer, if you do your job right, the result is a visually striking performance that showcases your elegance and skill, and merits thunderous applause from admiring spectators. You’re an expert in one form of ballroom dance-such as Latin-which, through years of practice, has become second nature to you, so natural that you can perform without even thinking about it. Aside from practice, you got to your current level of skill by studying older dances and watching modern Ballroom Dancers.

For at least four hours each day, you and your partner dance. Sometimes, you practice older dances in front of your Coach, and work together to think of ways to improve those dances. Other times, your Coach teaches you new dances to perfect.

Most competitions are held in other communities, so you travel frequently. If you’re lucky, you travel via airplane. If you’re not, you travel via car or bus.

Before a performance, you dress in your dance costume and apply thick makeup. You then walk onto the stage with your partner and perform your dance. Sometimes, you’re asked to improvise.

For someone with less skill and talent, this can be terrifying. But you’re a pro, and when it comes to ballroom dancing, nothing fazes you!