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Ballistic Technician

Use your knowledge of guns and bullets to solve crimes or sell products.

What does a Ballistic Technician do?

Basically, a Ballistic Technician is someone who’s well versed in guns and ammunition. Ballistic Technicians use that knowledge to help solve crimes, and also to assist customers with questions about company products. Those may sound like two very different things. That’s because the title of Ballistic Technician can be used to describe more than one type of job.

If you are interested in crime lab, forensic-type work, then you might aim for a law enforcement position. This role requires you to analyze evidence used in crime investigations. A typical case might have you evaluate what type of weapon was used based on a slug or bullet found at the crime scene. To take it a step further, you attempt to identify the particular brand and other specific information that would help police locate or convict a suspect.

You might also be called onto the crime scene to analyze spray patterns and bullet entry and exit holes, and to collect evidence. With your knowledge of guns, you can provide input on how far away the suspect was from the victim, exactly which direction the shot came from, and what type of weapon was used.

Another common way to use your knowledge of guns and ammo is to become a Ballistic Technician for a firearms company. This position is less CSI and more customer-oriented. You’re like technical support for customers who have gun-related questions. You answer emails and phone calls, attend trade shows, and test firearms and bullets.