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Ballet Teacher



Guide aspiring Dancers through ballet lessons.

What does a Ballet Teacher do?

A Ballerina, teetering on her toes as she performs onstage, is likely whispering thanks to her Ballet Teacher. That’s because the Ballet Teacher is the person who got her started on her path towards that stage by teaching her the language and movements of the dance.

As a Ballet Teacher, you may work with both novices and experienced Dancers. Your students may be very small, chubby children who are just learning the basics of ballet, or they may be incredibly driven, advanced students who know quite a bit about ballet already.

Either way, you assess the skill level of your class on the first day. You might ask them to hold poses at the ballet barre, for example, or to perform a few complicated steps from famous ballet dances. Knowing what your students are capable of helps you develop a lesson plan.

You choose music for your class, and help your students do simple warm-up dances when they arrive. Then, you begin to teach them more complex dances by showing them the steps and asking them to follow you. As your students practice, you walk about the room and correct Dancers who don’t have things just right.

You may teach the students just one dance to perform, or you may teach them multiple dances. You incorporate steps and movements the students haven’t yet mastered. You’re strict and firm, but you also praise your students when they improve. You give long, passionate speeches about the beauty of ballet, and you try not to cry when you describe the lovely dances you’ve seen in your lifetime.

You may hold recitals once or twice per year. During these performances, you nervously bite your fingernails as your students perform the dances you’ve taught them.

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