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Ballet Dancer

Bring beauty and grace to the stage dancing classic ballet.

What does a Ballet Dancer do?

Ballet Dancers are among the most graceful and poised practitioners of the art of dance. They spend countless hours in the studio and the gym, honing their bodies to be instruments of artistic expression. Ballet has a long and rich history, and becoming a Ballet Dancer gives you a chance to add your own chapter to that tale.

Ballet can be a pleasure to watch, but in order to perform, you need to deal with some pain. Expect long hours learning routines and choreography to perfect your performances. It all pays off when you’re up on stage and everything goes off just right.

Ballet Dancers have no regular schedule or even constant work. The longer you are in the industry, the more connections you make and the better your chances of regular employment are. That unpredictability also translates into excitement: some ballet companies tour the country or even the world, bringing their unique talent to people far and wide. Smaller companies with a permanent performance space may offer more regular work.

However, whatever company you’re trying out for, competition is often fierce, and only the most driven and talented reach the top. The media is rife with depictions of the big egos that sometimes occupy the dance world. While much of that is hyperbole, expect to deal with lots of different types of people and personalities in your career.