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Bakery Manager



Buy ingredient for fresh dough and hire bakers and delivery drivers.

What does a Bakery Manager do?

Perhaps your favorite bakery is the one located inside a major supermarket chain. Or perhaps it’s the one owned by your grandma, where she’s handmade every scrumptious morsel for over 50 years. No matter what it is, if that bakery has you frozen in awe, then a job as a Bakery Manager might be for you.

Of course, the job of Bakery Manager requires more than a love for bread and doughnuts. You also need managerial skills. Most bakeries require a staff of dedicated employees to bake, refill flour containers, display merchandise, take orders, and deliver goods to customers. And the Bakery Manager is in charge of the entire team. That means you hire, train, supervise, and evaluate every member.

In addition to overseeing the staff, you also manage resources. You look ahead to upcoming sales or promotions, and plan for holidays or special occasions. To satisfy demand, you order supplies so that you’re sure not to run out of eggs or frosting in the middle of a big order.

You also manage the merchandising and advertising within the bakery. You make sure items are priced; the signage is appealing, relevant, and accurate; and the displays are inviting. To draw customers in, you might design or initiate contests or other promotions, such as the use of “buy ten, get one free” punch cards.

Whether you’re organizing traffic flow at the front counter, monitoring safety techniques in the kitchen, or filling a phone order, you focus on producing a quality product at a fair price, with the customers’ needs in mind.

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