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Bagel Maker



Get up early to get your bagels toasted and ready for the morning rush.

What does a Bagel Maker do?

People really love their bagels. A Bagel Maker makes the magic happen by perfecting the multi-step process used to create these treasured vehicles for cream cheese and lox.

The first step for a Bagel Maker is obtaining the best quality ingredients and mixing the dough. Next, the Bagel Maker forms the dough into rings (will your signature style produce a pronounced hole, a narrow slit, or a mere dimple?), heats them to activate the yeast, then chills them again. At this point, the bagels may be distributed to other branches or stores where they will be boiled and baked to perfection.

You could work in an independent bagel shop, a central branch of a bagel company, or a factory that manufactures bagels in larger quantities-or even start your own business. Depending on the type of establishment, you may be making them by hand and seeing them through the entire process (perhaps the sweat and tears of the most dedicated Bagel Makers has something to do with that ideal saltiness); or you may be using machines to prepare large amounts that will be shipped out and finished elsewhere.

Bagels are such a classic food that if you are able to attain that perfect level of chewiness, you might find half the population of New York City standing in line for five hours before your doors open. Even if your bakery is in Cleveland.

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