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Bag Printer



Tend rotary printing presses that print data on the paper or textile bags.

What does a Bag Printer do?

Tends rotary printing press that prints data, such as brand name, trademark, content analysis, and weight on paper or textile bags: Inserts specified type into plates or selects previously prepared plates, according to data to be printed on bags, and slides plates into channels or slots on cylinder. Turns setscrews or uses wrench to lock plates onto printing cylinder. Pours specified color ink into ink reservoir. Positions supply of bags on press feed bed. Presses button to start press and moves lever or depresses pedal to activate rotary drum and feed mechanism, and feeds individual bags into press. Removes printed bags from discharge shelf of press and stacks bags in storage area according to data printed on bags. Cleans press, using solvent and rags. May tend press that prints two or more colors.

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