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Backup Singer



Perform live and in-studio giving lead singers some musical backup.

What does a Backup Singer do?

Putting the “ohs” and “ahs” in the right places behind the lead Vocalist, a Backup Singer provides the added touches that make music sound so good. The Backup Singer may perform with live groups or provide accompanying vocals in a studio setting, but always takes a backseat to the lead Singer. While nearly every Backup Singer dreams of touring the world with top Artists, many find employment with production companies as well.

As a Backup Singer, you can expect days and nights filled with the excitement and exhilaration of performing for an audience. The thrill of performing for thousands keeps the adrenaline pumping, while hours spent practicing keeps the harmony flowing. Along with the emotional highs, though, comes the frustration that often accompanies this highly competitive industry. A strong background in music, performing, music theory, advertising, and marketing can set you apart from the crowd.

Your career as a Backup Singer may lead you to an often-overlooked area of advertising as well. Advertising agencies often produce jingles for commercials, and as a Backup Singer, you may add the vocal touches that inspire sales. Working with audio production specialists, Account Executives, and Creative Directors, you may quickly find a niche that’s both rewarding and profitable.

Whether you sing around the world or in a production studio just across town, you’re sure to have a “pinch me” moment every time you hear your voice on the radio or television.

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