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Axminster Rug Setter

Operate machines to wind yarns to prepare the yarns for weaving into rugs.

What does an Axminster Rug Setter do?

Operates machine to wind yarn from short spools onto longer spools in specified color arrangement to prepare yarn for weaving into rugs: Positions spools of yarn on creel as specified by pattern chart. Threads ends of yarn through reeds, tension devices, and guides, as specified by pattern chart. Adjusts tension on thread. Clamps ends to takeup spool. Starts machine and observes winding for yarn tangles and breaks. Pieces up broken ends. Stops machine when specified amount of yarn has been wound, cuts yarn with cutting blade, places clamp onto spool to hold yarn in place, and replaces spool with empty one. May be designated according to machine for which yarn is prepared as Rug Setter, Six-Quarter Machine; Rug Setter, Three-Quarter Machine. May operate machine to wind yarn onto loom beams and be designated Rug Setter, Velvet.