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Awning Maker and Installer

Fabricate and install fiberglass and metal awnings.

What does an Awning Maker and Installer do?

Fabricates and installs fiberglass and metal awnings for homes and commercial and industrial establishments: Measures windows, doors, and other openings for size of awning and cuts and assembles frame [AWNING-FRAME MAKER]. Lays out and cuts fiberglass sheets to size with circular saw or cuts metal slats to proper length with handtools or power tools and bolts to frame. Drills holes in window and door frames, masonry, or brick, and mounts brackets. Hangs awnings in brackets. Installs and fastens control rod to louvers or awnings, and tests for ease of operation. May solder frame parts. May paint awnings desired color, using spray gun. May assemble venetian blinds [VENETIAN-BLIND ASSEMBLER].