Awning Hanger

Attach rigid canvases, metals or plastic awnings onto the buildings.

What does an Awning Hanger do?

Attaches rigid or roll-up canvas, metal, or plastic awnings onto buildings, using handtools and power tools: Measures installation site of awning, such as door, window, and store front, and marks location for frame brackets and hinges. Drills holes into brick, stone, or wood. Screws or nails frame fittings into place. Mounts awning frame to fittings and fastens into position with handtools. Attaches crank roller to frame and building as required. Rolls or lifts awning and makes adjustments to canvas, metal, plastic, ropes, and frame to correct operating defects. May measure buildings to develop specifications for fabrication of awnings. May install awning hoods. May fabricate awning frame [AWNING-FRAME MAKER]. May assemble awning to frame [RIGGER]. May repair canvas coverings [CANVAS REPAIRER].