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Avionics Supervisor

Oversee proper manufacturing and construction of aircraft parts.

What does an Avionics Supervisor do?

As airplanes and helicopters become increasingly more complex, more systems and components are required to operate them. But, before the systems are put into service, they must first be manufactured, of course. Part of the job of an Avionics Supervisor is to supervise the workers who put those components together.

Avionics Supervisors have a big responsibility, to make sure that their team assembles the high-quality parts used in the navigation, weather radar, and communication systems that keep Pilots, passengers, and cargo safe.

When things don’t go as planned, you, as an Avionics Supervisor, might be part of the team that troubleshoots and fixes the problem too. That might require some flight time as you monitor the system in flight to identify the problem, ask the flight crew questions, and educate them about the inner workings of the system. When a problem is identified, you make sure the proper repairs are made. And to avoid it in the future, you keep close tabs on maintenance schedules for all the avionics components on the aircraft.

As a Supervisor, you’re in charge of monitoring the quality of the products manufactured or repaired under your watch. Although that might seem daunting to anyone else, you’re acutely familiar with the electronic components, expectations of the systems, and governmental regulations governing the industry. Throughout the process, you also schedule employees, answer questions, motivate and mentor workers, and train new hires.