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Aviation Training Developer

Create lesson plans, study guides and textbooks to educate new pilots.

What does an Aviation Training Developer do?

Flying on an airplane is extremely frightening for lots of people, but it should come as a relief to them (and anyone who flies for that matter) to know that Airline Pilots are very well trained with years of experience. Aviation Training Developers are some of the people to thank every time a Pilot successfully flies and lands a plane. This is because they spend their days creating the curriculum that companies and schools use to teach their Pilots.

You know what to include in the curriculum because, as an Aviation Training Developer, you possess a perfect combination of experience and research skills. Like most other Aviation Training Developers, you might be a former Flight Instructor and know how to fly yourself. You take this knowledge and add to it information on new regulations and types of airplanes. From there, you can create books, handouts, tests, and assignments that cover a wide range of flying knowledge.

You cover everything from the basic, like how to make a distress call or how to refuel, to the more complex, like facts specific to certain plane types. You find the information you need by reading manuals, researching new rules and regulations, and contacting airline construction companies. You need really great writing skills for this job because you’re writing for a wide range of skill and education levels.

Once you’ve finished writing the coursework for a school or company, your job isn’t done. You also serve as a point of contact for Instructors if they have any questions or concerns.