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Aviation Support Equipment Repairer

Inspect, maintain, repair and modify aircraft ground equipment.

What does an Aviation Support Equipment Repairer do?

Inspects, maintains, repairs, and modifies aircraft ground equipment, such as M-G sets, air compressors, and test stands: Conducts periodic and special inspections, using test equipment, to detect malfunctions. Tests and operates equipment for output, leakage, and operation in accordance with technical orders to determine serviceability. Disassembles and assembles malfunctioning accessories and components of aerospace ground equipment, such as motor and engine driven generator sets, air compressors, hydraulic-pneumatic sets, air-conditioners, heaters, exhaust and cooling equipment, and test stands. Replaces worn bearings, bushings, shafts, end plates, brushes, springs, coils, armatures, pushrods, valves, exhaust manifolds, tubing, hoses, and defective wiring. Repairs, adjusts, and operates small gas turbine engines.