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Aviation Inspector



Perform vital inspections of aviation equipment for wear and tear.

What does an Aviation Inspector do?

Those who have a fear of flying know it’s not the flying part that’s scary–it’s falling. Thanks to aviation inspectors, airplane passengers can rest easy and enjoy their flights. An aviation inspector performs routine safety inspections on planes before they take off to double- and triple-check that they’re in excellent working condition. You also keep detailed maintenance logs, schedule repairs, and instruct your team of aircraft mechanics to ensure top-quality work.

As an aviation inspector, you spend most of your time performing hands-on inspections. Flights are always leaving, so there’s never a shortage of planes needing your seal of approval. Pre-flight inspections involve checking readouts on the craft’s various instruments (like the fuel gauge), examining the physical parts of the plane for any wear and tear, and reading through maintenance logs to see that all required repairs were performed.

When you’re not inspecting planes, you talk with your aircraft mechanics about existing or potential problems. After examining the problem, you schedule maintenance and instruct the mechanics on what repairs to make.

With your vast knowledge of the complex workings of a plane, you ensure that passengers flying all over the world can do so without worrying about accidents. Safety is crucial in this line of work, and you’re the leader who makes sure everything performs up to par.