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Aviation Electronics Technician

Design and repair aircraft wiring systems and components.

What does an Aviation Electronics Technician do?

If you’ve ever entered an airplane and peeked into the cockpit on your way to your seat, then you’ve seen the sheer mass of knobs, gauges, dials, levers, and controls that make up the dashboard. You might have stared at them in awe, unless you’re an Aviation Electronics Technician, in which case you might have simply shrugged them off as an everyday sight.

Aviation Electronics Technicians must have a deep understanding of what each of those devices does. That’s because the job of an Aviation Electronics Technician is to help design, repair, maintain, and test the electronic systems in airplanes and helicopters.

Each of those gauges represents an entire system of electronics throughout the plane. Navigation, communication, radar, and weapons systems all fall under your umbrella. You use special tools to test and analyze existing systems, diagnose problems, replace parts, and perform maintenance.

During the design phase, you use computer software to create a visual blueprint. Then you help create prototypes, run performance tests, and install the new design.

You commonly work for the military, the government, or a commercial airline. Piecing together the myriad components necessary to make these complex machines run requires a team of knowledgeable professionals. You work with Engineers and other Designers from the initial diagram until the last wire is attached and tested.

This is a great opportunity to put your teamwork skills to good use and learn from those around you. You might even decide to continue your schooling and become an Engineer yourself.