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Aviation Electrician



Build airplane electronics like landing gear, lights and ignitions.

What does an Aviation Electrician do?

An Aviation Electrician works on airplanes and helicopters. Aviation Electricians are in charge of installing, maintaining, and fixing any electrical systems found on these machines.

Electrical systems on an airplane control pretty much everything, from the landing gear, lights, and ignition, to temperature and Pilot controls. Needless to say, they have to be kept in perfect working order. And this is where you, as an Aviation Electrician, come in. You take care of an airplane’s electrical systems by periodically running diagnostic tests on them. These tests can sometimes call for the use of a wind tunnel, which simulates the air speed an airplane faces in flight. You also use specific computer programs to find an electrical system’s broken or worn-out parts. And when you do find a broken system, you’re in charge of figuring out what specific part has gone bad, and then replacing it.

Don’t worry about having to memorize the many ways in which to fix an airplane, though, because in this job, you learn how to read and interpret electrical diagrams. But brush up on your communication skills, because after you fix something, you need to write a maintenance record. Fixing isn’t the only thing you do in this job, however. You also make sure the equipment is clean and handled correctly in order to avoid damage.

Be aware that most of the Aviation Electrician jobs available are in the military. Other jobs can be found in manufacturing companies and commercial airlines, though most positions are filled by former military members.

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