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Avian Veterinarian



Provide medical care to all types of birds.

What does an Avian Veterinarian do?

Animals of all species are treated by Veterinarians in zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, customer’s homes, and private offices. Veterinarians who specialize in the care of wild and domestic birds are called Avian Veterinarians. Avian Veterinarians differ from regular Veterinarians because of their additional and specialized training in caring for and treating the unique systems of birds.

As an Avian Veterinarian, you may also work with other animals. But typically, customers come to you when they find an abandoned bird, have a parrot as a family member, or have a chicken population that won’t reproduce. Because you understand birds’ distinct dietary needs, metabolism, digestive system, bone structure, and susceptibility to disease, you get the call when there’s an epidemic in the area, or when a pet is regurgitating things it’s not supposed to.

Just like other Veterinarians, your job as an Avian Veterinarian is to keep the bird population healthy. Household pets, farm animals, wild birds, or penguins at the zoo-wherever you manage your patient load, you offer immunizations and checkups. You also treat a variety of illnesses and broken bones, and even act as Surgeon when needed. Additionally, you might specialize in exotic birds or focus on one aspect of bird care, such as eye care.

Many people complain about their jobs, but this career choice truly is for the birds-and that’s a good thing!

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