Automotive Tire Tester

Test pneumatic or bulletproof tires and tubes to the tire testing machines.

What does an Automotive Tire Tester do?

Tests pneumatic tires and tubes, bulletproof gasoline tanks, caterpillar tracks, and similar equipment to determine that they meet minimum specifications for use on military vehicles: Mounts ordinary pneumatic or bulletproof tires and tubes on tire-testing machines or on appropriate vehicles. Inflates tires to prescribed pressure and manipulates controls to operate machines and simulate driving conditions, or drives vehicles, observing indicators and noting tire conditions. Directs other workers in firing specified number of bullets into tires at specified places and in taking photographs of test results. Fills and weighs bulletproof gasoline tanks and directs other workers in firing bullets through tanks. Weighs pierced tanks to determine extent of gasoline loss. Mounts military tank tracks on special testing machines and manipulates controls to test tracks under induced conditions. Observes results and notes instrument readings. Prepares reports indicating results of wear or bullet holes on material tested. Interprets test results, using charts and tables.