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Automotive Master Mechanic

Troubleshoot and consult on tough repair jobs.

What does an Automotive Master Mechanic do?

While hurtling down the street, a Driver realizes that the truck will no longer change gears. The clutch, the transmission, the engine, or the fuel system could be to blame. The Driver could take the vehicle to four separate Mechanics and ask each of them to look at the part they’re capable of fixing, or he could just head to an Automotive Master Mechanic. An Automotive Master Mechanic is a professional trained in the repair of a large number of systems.

When a customer arrives goes to you – an Automotive Master Mechanic – you ask for a detailed description of the problem. Customers often resort to making shrill, mechanical noises to describe the issue, but you never laugh. Sometimes, you ask them to take you for rides in their broken vehicles so you can witness the problem for yourself.

When you arrive back at the shop, you pull together a detailed estimate for the repair. The Receptionist or Office Manager shows the customer the estimate, and ensures that you have approval to make the changes you need to make.

During your repair, you replace worn parts, clean grimy gears, rewire electrical connections, or fine-tune mechanical systems. Sometimes, the cars have computer systems that tell you exactly what’s broken. Other times, you rely on your Automotive Master Mechanic expertise and training to determine what to repair and what to leave alone.

When the repair is done, you call the customer and detail what you’ve done. The customer must pay before you hand over the keys. Skipping this important step can get you in hot water with your Office Manager, so you’re a stickler for prompt payment.