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Automotive Glass Technician

Seal small cracks or reinstall entire windshields.

What does an Automotive Glass Technician do?

An Automotive Glass Technician replaces and repairs glass windows and windshields. Automotive Glass Technicians inspect damage, evaluate the efforts required to fix or replace it, and provide an estimate to the customer.

This initial evaluation might take place in the shop or at the customer’s place of work or residence. Some automobile makes and models are more time-consuming to work on, so if you’re an Automotive Glass Technician you factor that into your bid. Also, body damage or mechanical problems may need fixed, such as when a car is involved in a car accident. When this happens, you schedule time around the Mechanic and/or Body Repairer.

You divide your work into two categories: repairs and replacements. In the first, the glass will be chipped, but repairable. To fix it, you apply a resin compound to the glass, and treat it with ultraviolet light to harden the resin in place.

Your work process is different for windows too damaged for repair. In this case, you begin by removing and disposing of cracked or broken pieces. This requires removing parts of the door panel or gaskets supporting the glass. Once you prep and clean the surface, you use suction cups to lower the new glass into place. You secure the window by using tape, sealants, adhesives, gaskets, and clips.

Along the way, you keep track of paperwork, update files on the computer, respond to questions via phone or email, and send billing statements. In addition, you keep up to date with industry news through seminars and industry literature. This job requires attention to detail, self-motivation, and satisfaction from working with your hands.