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Automotive Engineering Technician

Use computers to create and edit designs for cars and trucks.

What does an Automotive Engineering Technician do?

Automotive Engineering Technicians are on the front lines of creating new and improved cars and trucks. Greater fuel efficiency, better aerodynamics, or improved safety are all objectives. Sometimes, Automotive Engineering Technicians will concentrate on one component, and other times, they incorporate them all.

That’s a huge responsibility and a major achievement, but they don’t do it alone. If you’re an Automotive Engineering Technician, you work with a team of Engineers and Technicians, all focused on the same goal. In fact, you are the Engineers’ right-hand person, taking part in every step of the process. Whether you’re working on a new body style for a race car, stronger lift on a construction vehicle, or safer airbags in a passenger car, you’ve got a role in the project.

You run computer software programs that help configure the original design and make changes as the project progresses. You also help build prototypes and perform tests that identify potential problems. When a design change is required, you help with the adjustments, retest, and write up reports outlining the process.

Completing automotive projects requires your best teamwork skills. Everyone brings dynamic strengths to the table, including you. You learn from those with more experience, but aren’t shy about sharing your ideas. Creativity, an aptitude for problem solving, and attention to detail will all come in handy while you help design, build, and test new parts, equipment, engine components, or structural supports for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.