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Automotive Electrician

Repair and overhaul electrical systems in automotive vehicles.

What does an Automotive Electrician do?

Repairs and overhauls electrical systems in automotive vehicles, such as automobiles, buses, and trucks: Confers with customer to determine nature of electrical malfunction. Determines malfunction of electrical system by visual inspection and by use of testing devices, such as oscilloscope, voltmeter, and ammeter. Adjusts ignition timing and measures and adjusts distributor breaker-point gaps, using dwell meter or thickness gauge. Tests and repairs starters, generators, and distributors. Repairs or replaces defective wiring in ignition, lighting, air-conditioning, and safety control systems, using electrician’s handtools. Rebuilds electrical units, such as starters, generators, and door controls. May estimate cost of repairs based on parts and labor charges. May be designated according to specialty as Electrical Repairer, Internal Combustion Engines; Electrical-Unit Rebuilder; Electrician, Bus; Ignition-And-Carburetor Mechanic; Windshield-Wiper Repairer.