Automotive AC Mechanic

Install air circulation systems to keep cars and trucks cool.

What does an Automotive AC Mechanic do?

On a hot day, the temperature inside a car can climb and climb, leaving the Driver feeling hot, angry, and sweaty. Air conditioning can help cool the air and ease the pain of the occupants, but these machines sometimes break. Automotive AC Mechanics can find the problem, fix it, and restore the cool to the car.

As an Automotive AC Mechanic, you deal only with the air conditioning system. All other parts of the car are maintained and repaired by other Mechanics in your shop.

When clients arrive, you ask them when the air conditioning began to fail and you test the car yourself to ensure that only hot air is blowing from the vents. Then, you ask the client to give you time alone with the machine so you can do thorough testing.

Once you’ve spotted the problem, you contact the client and give an estimate for the cost of the repair. As an Automotive AC Mechanic, you rarely move forward without formal approval of the costs. This helps ensure that you’ll be paid for your work. When the client approves, you order parts.

When the parts arrive, you install them. Hoses, motors, vents, bolts, compressors, and more might be involved, and some repairs can take hours or even days to complete. When your work is done, you test the system carefully and drive the car for a mile or two to ensure that the air stays cool.

Like Lifeguards and Gardeners, your work is seasonal in most parts of the country. After all, when it’s 30 below outside, people can just open car windows to cool off. In hot states, however, you may have steady work all year round.