Automobile Self-Serve Service Station Attendant

Service automobiles with fuels, lubricants and accessories.

What does an Automobile Self-Serve Service Station Attendant do?

Services automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles with fuel, lubricants, and accessories: Fills fuel tank of vehicles with gasoline or diesel fuel to level specified by customer. Observes level of oil in crankcase and amount of water in radiator, and adds required amounts of oil and water. Adds necessary amount of water to battery, and washes windshield of vehicle. Lubricates vehicle and changes motor oil [LUBRICATION SERVICER 915.687-018]. Replaces accessories, such as oil filter, air filter, windshield wiper blades, and fan belt. Installs antifreeze and changes spark plugs. Repairs or replaces tires [TIRE REPAIRER 915.684-010]. Replaces lights, and washes and waxes vehicle. Collects cash from customer for purchases and makes change or charges purchases, using customer’s credit card. May adjust brakes [BRAKE ADJUSTER 620.684-018]. May sell batteries and automobile accessories usually found in service stations. May assist in arranging displays, taking inventories, and making daily reports.