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Automobile Damage Appraiser

Appraise automobile or vehicle damages and determine the costs of repairs.

What does an Automobile Damage Appraiser do?

Appraises automobile or other vehicle damage to determine cost of repair for insurance claim settlement and attempts to secure agreement with automobile repair shop on cost of repair: Examines damaged vehicle to determine extent of structural, body, mechanical, electrical, or interior damage. Estimates cost of labor and parts to repair or replace each item of damage, using standard automotive labor and parts cost manuals and knowledge of automotive repair. Determines salvage value on total-loss vehicle. Evaluates practicality of repair as opposed to payment of market value of vehicle before accident. Prepares insurance forms to indicate repair-cost estimates and recommendations. Reviews repair-cost estimates with automobile-repair shop to secure agreement on cost of repairs. Occasionally arranges to have damage appraised by another appraiser to resolve disagreement with repair shop on repair cost.