Automobile Club Travel Counselor

Plan trips for members of automobile clubs and explain the club services.

What does an Automobile Club Travel Counselor do?

Plans trips for members of automobile club: Confers with member in person or by telephone to answer questions and explain services. Marks suitable roads and possible detours on road map, showing route from point of origin to destination and return. Indicates points of interest, restaurants, hotels or other housing accommodations, and emergency repair services available along route. Reserves hotel, motel, or resort accommodations by telephone, telegraph, or letter. Calculates mileage of marked route and estimates travel expenses. Informs patron of bus, ship, train, and plane connections. Consults hotel directories, road maps, circulars, timetables, and other sources to obtain current information. Provides members with guides, directories, brochures and maps. May plan trips for members in response to mail requests. May plan foreign trips and perform duties, such as arranging for automobile rental, purchase, and shipment, and be designated World-Travel Counselor. May review itineraries prepared by other travel counselors for factors such as accuracy, pricing, and date and timetable sequencing and be designated Travel-Ticketing Reviewer.